What’s Most Desirable Luxury Neighborhood: Myers Park, Eastover or Foxcroft?

Sold Price Per Square Foot?

Eastover sold at highest price per square foot of $325, but Foxcroft and Myers Park were close behind at $322 and $321, respectively.  All 3 neighborhoods sold for 2.5 times more per square foot than the average Charlotte home – which sold for $128.


Days to Sell?

Foxcroft homes sold faster than Myers Park or Eastover: going under contract in 35 days, compared to 45 days for Myers Park and 57 days for Eastover.  The average Charlotte home sold faster (33 days) than all 3 luxury neighborhoods – which is expected because the price point is much lower.


Showings to Sell?

Myers Park sold with the fewest average showings: 14.  Foxcroft and Eastover were close at 15 and 17 respectively – as was the overall Charlotte market with an average of 15 showings before selling.

Numbe of Showing 3

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