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Once I’m under contract, what are the biggest hurdles to a successful closing and how do you assist in this process?

  • Not anticipating Home Inspection Hot Buttons 
    • Today’s home inspection process is highly complex. The legal environment forces inspectors to point out any potential issue, whether it’s an actual problem to be concerned about or not. How do you keep your buyer from walking away or you spending thousands for unnecessary repairs?  Choosing an agent who lacks the experience and resources to weed out bogus repair request items can easily cost a homeowner $5,000 or more during the inspection period.
    • Radon – high radon levels are common in Charlotte area homes and can blow up a deal if not handled properly.
    • Moisture – inspectors often find moisture in crawl spaces and basements – what are best ways to handle? The safest way is to have a pre-listing inspection.
  • Survey– how do you navigate survey issues that can cause a buyer to withdraw their offer? We’ve successfully worked with local zoning authorities to overcome apparent survey issues.
  • Home Not Appraising 
    • It’s not unusual to have a home go under contract and not appraise for the contract price. A low appraisal can kill a deal or result in a $25,000 to $100,000 demand for a reduction.  Quiz agents about how they position your house to make sure it meets the appraised contract price.  
    • We developed a proprietary process that has yielded a much higher successful appraisal result. 
  • Buyer Not Securing Funds to Close – steps we take to prevent this include:
    • Prequalify buyers before they see your home 
    • Further qualification done when an offer is received 
  • Anticipating all of the variables that can impact these and other critical issues that surface during the home selling process, can mean the difference between tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in your outcome. We’ve been trusted to provide experienced guidance in these and other areas while helping sellers avoid costly mistakes.  We’ve successfully closed hundreds of transactions and have the experience, energy and focus to close your sale successfully.

I’d enjoy sharing more information with you about how we will help you navigate to a successful closing – just contact me.  

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