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Luxury Showings are up 26% and Showing Activity is a leading indicator of future home sales.  In the last 30 days for Charlotte $500k+ homes:

  • 4,958 showings in last 30 days (thru 2/15/19)
  • Compared to 3,927 showings for the same 30-day period a year ago.

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The showing strength initially surprised us with all going on in the world (interest rates, stock market, politics, China, etc.), but usually after an election, home sales increase. Notice in graph below how 2018 separates from 2017 after the election.

19 Line Graph Morro

Since most experts forecast a real estate slowdown sooner rather than later, if you’re considering selling in the next year, now is likely the best time maximize your sales price.   Reach out to me for a market evaluation and tips on what to do (and often more importantly what not do) when preparing your home for sale.