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Downsizing your home can be both challenging and freeing. Too much space and too many possessions make a home feel overwhelming instead of restful and serene. Seniors, empty nesters and individuals who desire new living space that is comfortable and stylish will find the following six tips helpful in reaching the goal of an ideal living environment.

TIP 1: Plan ahead

Don’t wait to make decisions. Start planning your downsizing early and set goals. For couples and families, make sure everyone is on the same page to eliminate conflicts and hurt feelings down the road.

TIP 2: Determine your lifestyle needs

It helps to ask yourself some questions. Think about what lifestyle you want to embrace as you move forward.

  • Do you have room for oversized furniture in your new space?
  • If you are moving, how much smaller would you prefer your new home to be?
  • Do you feel you should keep something just because you spent a lot of money for it?
  • Are you ready to save the possessions you really love and release others that are just taking up space?

TIP 3: Find purpose

What would you like your down-sizing to help you accomplish?  Would you enjoy spending less time maintaining possessions/property and more time focused on relationships or hobbies?

Could a different neighborhood or area meet some of your needs for exercise, convenience or walkability to stores and services, and place you nearer to family, friends or community?

If your home was filled with only the things that you use and love would you be freed up for more travel, exploring, serving in organizations and enjoying the environment around you?

TIP 4: Keep clutter out

  • Edit your technology.
    • Use a printer that connects to Wi-Fi to eliminate extra cables.
    • Choose a TV that mounts to the wall.
  • Use smart storage solutions.
    • Organizing tips and containers solve a multitude of clutter issues.
  • Sort and eliminate things that can be sold or donated.
  • Use professionals who know how to help.

TIP 5: Think quality and multipurpose

Look for a new home with flexible spaces that can perform double duty as an office, extra bedroom or play space.

Consider how your new home will be used – entertaining, hosting out-of-town guests, or primarily just for you and immediate family.

Go for quality over quantity. Select a great piece of furniture that makes a statement, instead of trying to squeeze too many pieces into a smaller room.

If you’re investing in new furniture when you downsize, choose multipurpose furniture pieces – nightstands with storage and ottomans with tops that lift to offer inside storage space.

TIP 6: Get objective, professional help

Accept help in sorting and packing your belongings.

Consider hiring a downsizing professional who can offer an objective opinion when you’re trying to decide what you really need to eliminate or donate to charity.

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area or are planning a move here, the best contact you can make is with Dee and Tar Reid at [email protected] or 704-281-3913.  Not only are Dee and Tar two of the most respected realtors in the area, but they have extensive experience with clients who are downsizing. The following group of special downsizing services are appreciated by each client.

  • Careful discussion of each client’s needs, space, location and desired amenities.
  • Property clean up
  • Handyman repair service
  • Decluttering assistance
  • Auction and Donation Coordination
  • Haul off
  • Move coordination by a downsizing professional

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