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The home selling process has become more complex in recent years – both before and after an offer is received. We recently calculated that there are over 30 steps to navigate from the point of deciding to sell to an accepted offer, to an actual closing.

These include:

  • Preparing your home sale – what should you spend in time and money (or not spend) to net the highest price
  • Pricing – while analyzing trailing sales is important, much more is required (what is your competition? inventory? trends?, etc.)
  • Since over 40% of buyers relocate from out of state,¬†how do you effectively market your home to the widest audience?
  • Showing activity – once you’re on the market, how do the number of showings you’re getting compare with other homes on the market? How positive trends give you negotiating leverage and what actions should be considered if trends are negative (other than a price reduction).
  • What is a due diligence process, what is a customary due diligence fee vs. an earnest money deposit at your price point, and how do you structure those terms to protect yourself?
  • How many kinds of inspections are now common (answer: as many as 10 or more…), which issues are commonly overstated by inspectors, and what are your obligations to repair or remedy any inspection issues?
  • If your home attracts an offer above recent sold comparables, how do you navigate the appraisal process and get to a closing?

I have expert experience in navigating¬†today’s complex pricing, negotiating, and due diligence process – having closed over $55 million in the last 3 years.