How Long Will It Take To Sell Your Foxcroft Home?

  • Foxcroft YTD median Days on Market is 17 days before going Under Contract. 48% faster than other Charlotte luxury neighborhoods at 33 days.

YTD - Foxcroft 2

  • Foxcroft homeowners should expect 7.5 showings per month, which is 60% more than other Charlotte Luxury neighborhoods (showings 4.7 per month). `

Foxcroft Showings Per Month

  • Showing activity is an excellent leading indicator of individual listing performance/market perception and overall market vibrancy. We monitor it closely.
  • For our listing clients, we report weekly: comparing our showing activity to our peer group (e.g. other Foxcroft homes in same price range), which help our clients and us react more quickly to market perception and take steps to improve performance (other than reducing price).

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