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Entertaining in the Kitchen

Entertaining in the Kitchen

It’s finally that time of year where the sun is shining and you can host friends & family for an outdoor soiree! BUT, it’s also that time of year where random rain showers come and go without warning, meaning you need to be prepared to move your outdoor festivities inside! Most guest, 9 times out of 10, no matter how hard you try will end up in your kitchen. With that being said, why not make your kitchen the destination for your guests rather than trying to keep them out! I’m sharing 5 easy tips and tricks for entertaining in the heart of the home.

  1. Set up a bar
    • The island might be one of the most beloved structures in the kitchen because of how versatile they are. Whether you want to have a low-key wine tasting or a large celebration- they are the perfect self-serve bar for your guests.  Placing ice buckets filled with your favorite beverage alongside the correlating glass will ensure that guests are worry free of what flute, stemmed glass, or stemless is appropriate. But don’t forget everyone loves details and “extras”. For example: frozen grapes for champagne.
  1. Label It
    • All those glasses that I mentioned before can pile up quickly! Encourage guests to label their drinks, and reuse! An easy fix is adding blank flags to stirrers (check these out for reference)  for signature cocktails or simple drink markers that can be found at your local grocer.
  1. Less Clutter the Better
    • Keeping the space simple with clean and neat items will make the area feel less cramped. For example, combine items that complement one another:  fruit near the champagne & pedestals for savory and salty items. Less is always more!  Pro tip: using tiered trays and risers will bring attention to that specific area instead of focusing on places that might be more cluttered.
  1. Personalization
    • I love personalizing everything, I think it just gives an extra touch! Create a signature cocktail for your party!
  1. Clean as you go
    • Let’s remember that your kitchen and is an area that can be extremely clean one minute and turn into chaos the next. This goes back to eliminating clutter. If there is an empty bottle, empty bowl, spillage, ANYTHING- go ahead and handle the situation, it’ll save you from a headache at the end of the night!




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